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Complete Home Remodels

If you love where you live and simply want to update your home to the latest look Spectrum Home Services can help with a complete home remodel. We have our B2 general contractors license along with a C2 electrical contractors license to take care of all your contracting needs. Install new kitchen cabinets along with granite or quartz countertops. Design an island for your kitchen where people can dine or gather. Install the latest tile floor or wood floor. If you really want to increase the value of your home why not add an addition or remove interior walls to create a more open floor plan. We can design what you want and pull all permits to complete the project. Remodel your bathrooms by removing old showers and tubs and installing custom tile showers with frameless glass shower enclosures and pebble stone shower flooring. Bring your bathroom back to life with new tile flooring and quartz countertops with undermount sinks. Create the modern look you want while increasing the value of your home by remodeling today. We also perform complete home remodels for real estate investors.

New Home Builder

We are a builder of residential homes and specialize in the construction of luxury green homes. Green homes are the most energy efficient homes built today and will reduce the operating costs by 60%. This coupled with a solar power system will bring the home off the power grid which would result in no power bill to pay. The green home is a steel frame construction home that is super insulated. Steel is the most recycled material on earth. The structure is considered a steel framed building system with ridged insulation, isolating and encapsulating the structural steel studs and patented connectors and is signed off by a local registered structural engineer and utilizes ICC approved steel studs using patented connectors. All walls are super insulated with higher R Values starting at R-24 up to R-60. The wall coatings are super strong, fire resistant, impact resistant and waterproof. Home operating costs are reduced, HVAC systems can be sized down by as much as 60% and operating times to heat or cool the structure are shortened. The green home meets IBC steel-framed construction standards, utilizing ICC Approved steel studs and EPS foam. It is engineered to withstand hurricane force winds and California seismic zone 4. We utilize Plastermax fire rated interior abuse resistant finishes. We also use Stuccomax a non- combustible waterproof exterior finish. We have unlimited design possibilities including curved walls. No wood, no rot, no mold or mildew, insect and fire resistant. The future of luxury green homes is here.

It is beneficial to have your solar installed now at a net metering rate of 95% for the next 20 years before the residential rooftop solar hits 80 megawatts of residential installed as then it will go to the second tier which is only 88%.

 DONT WAIT! You might be lowering to tiers of 81% or 75%!

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Solar Benefits

The main reason people go solar is to save money but there are a lot of other benefits to going solar such as environmental benefits, return on investment, energy independence, increasing your home value, taking advantage of the tax credit and rebates, reducing expenses for retirement, and making your electric car even cheaper and greener to operate.

Pricing and Financing

Because everyone’s home is different, and everyone’s energy consumption varies we offer a free in-home assessment to address your energy needs and offer a variety of options to help you save the most on your energy while helping the environment for many generations to come. Every solar system is custom designed to your house to give you the most cost-efficient system for your energy use.

How Solar Works

Solar panels are installed on the roof of your house and are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells. When the sun hits the panels, the cells convert sunlight into power. The direct current (DC) power is sent to an inverter and the inverter inverts the DC power to AC (alternating current) which is what everything in your house runs on for power. The inverter also monitors the system and regulates the voltage entering your home. The power then goes to your electrical panel. Everything in your house draws power from the electrical panel and will operate exactly as it did without the solar panels. The only difference is that the solar panels are supplying your power instead of the power company. Your house will draw power from the panels first and when the sun goes down and the panels are not producing you will draw your power from the power company or grid as it is commonly called. When your panels are producing more power than your home is consuming your excess power goes back to the grid. The power can than travel down the street to your closest neighbor that needs the power. The best thing about this is that the power company pays you for this extra power that you are not consuming. This is called net metering. When you sell power back to the grid the power company will give you credits for this power that you can use to power your house when it is night time and your solar panels are not producing power. The extra power you make in the fall, winter and spring will pay for the larger demand in the summer. Here in southern Nevada our power bills go way up in the summer due to the high energy demand from our air conditioners. In the summer when the temperatures rise you will need more power than your panels are producing. When this happens, you will have already banked up credits to use and the power company will use these credits before they bill you.

Buy or Lease

If you lease a solar system you do not own the equipment. There is zero out of pocket cost for a lease and you will save money on your electric bill while helping the environment. Warranty and maintenance are included at no cost to you as you do not own the system. The lease is transferable if you sell your home. The solar company gets the tax credit and rebate not you.

If you purchase your solar system by paying cash or financing, you get to take advantage of the tax credit and rebate. The price per kWh is set for the life of the system and can not change. There is a warranty from the manufacturer of the panels and inverters as well as an installation warranty from the installer. A purchased system instantly increases the valueof your home. You can choose any panel or inverter you like. The system can also be moved if you move to a different home.

No early termination fees apply to a purchase and you are guaranteed a return on your investment as high as 10%. The cash price will always be the cheapest but there are many zero or low money down financing options available.


Wall batteries are available now for your home. They are used for back up power as well as load shifting and power storage. If there is a power outage and you have a battery you could power your home during the power outage. It is important to note that one battery does not have the capability to run your air conditioner as it just draws too much power. You would need several batteries to do this and at $6,000 per battery it could become very expensive. The power in Las Vegas rarely goes out for more than a couple of hours so you must take this into consideration when deciding to purchase a battery. It is important to note that if you do not have a battery and the power goes out on the grid your panels will not produce power even if the sun is out. The inverter shuts down during a power outage, so the utility workers can work safely with no power being put back to the grid. This is required by electrical code.

The other function of a battery is to store power you make in the morning to use later that night when your panels are not producing any energy. In Las Vegas the grid acts like a virtual battery by giving you credits during the day that you can use overnight. Batteries can be very useful if you are off the grid completely or live in an area that is subject to prolonged periods of power outages. Although It can be comforting to know that you could power all your devices, lights and refrigerator if long power outage does occur.

We also build Luxury Green Homes